Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Don't Want to Be Clip and Cool

Nothing makes my skin crawl more than getting onto a bus or train and hearing that distinctive tell-tale sound of someone clipping their nails.

In public? Really? REALLY???

When did this become acceptable?

It's absolutely disgusting. And, no, people, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE-!?!

Clipping your nails is something that should be done in the privacy of your own bathroom. Or in the company bathroom - IF it's an emergency.

And when it DOES happens (WHY does it happen again?), why does it seem as if time stops and everyone's frozen and that I'm the only one hearing it and/or reacting to it? I look around the entire bus/train and everyone else is pretending they don't hear it-!?! HOW CAN YOU NOT HEAR IT????

I was once on MUNI and a guy wearing flip-flops raised his bare feet and starting clipping his toenails-! HIS TOENAILS-!?! On the train-!!!!

I was once sitting in a movie theatre w/my friend Alex - waiting for a movie to begin - when this guy in front of us started clipping his nails right there in his seat in the movie theatre-!?! I was appalled, flabbergasted, physically nauseated... I tapped him on the shoulder and said to him, "This is probably not the best place for you to be doing that."

He shrugged his shoulders as if he had no idea that what he was doing was so completely disgusting, put the clippers away, and got up and sat somewhere else.

In.......................................................................................... credible.

Don't clip your nails in public, people-! You run the risk of grossing out everyone arround you. And if I see ya doing it, I WILL say something to you-!


  1. I can SO relate to your reaction to public nail-clipping, Dene! But it doesn't bother me half as much as gum chewing. My shrink has dubbed it "masticophobia". I literally want to strangle someone chewing gum around me, especially noisily and with a clear view of the offending oral contents.
    Two questions:
    Does nail-clipping annoy you even when someone is doing it in private, with just you there?
    Do you react to gum chewing similarly?
    I really enjoyed your writing, Dene. Very funny and eloquent, though the subject was painful to a sensitive neurotic like me.
    Looking forward to more.

  2. ajaj Tienes razón, es un asco que la gente se corte las uñas en público.